CertaScale brings the power of a cloud based datacenter operating system into your enterprise. Built on open source components our powerful solution provides enterprise features for an onsite cloud platform, as well as mobility and security for cloud based workloads as well.

Software Defined Network

Software Defined Network

Our software defined network (SDN) provides seamless Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity to any datacenter design. Offering backward compatibility, as well as the most modern security and control… we support VLAN segmentation, Layer 2 port bonding, IP aggregation, Quality of Service (QoS), Access Control Layer (ACL) support, container isolation, virtual machine isolation, and separate management and data planes.

Software Defined Storage

Our software defined storage (SDS) provides advanced control for moving storage elements around inside the active clusters, and across the enterprise. Supporting block, file, and objects storage elements with open source frameworks CEPH and gluster, our revolutionary API and GUI based controls allow for complete control in a simple to understand, and manage way.

Software Defined Network

We Speak Containers & Virtual Machines

Container technologies allow enterprises to quickly build and deploy new digital services at greater scale than ever possible! Despite this fact, the majority of enterprises still use VMs and cannot afford to completely abandon their usage in the short term perspective. With CertaScale you don’t have to choose between containers and VMs. You can use them both simultaniously and take advantages of both for the sake of your business.

Restful API & Micro Service

At CertaScale we provide the complete RESTful API for automated tooling which allows you to enable quick turn around custom service design & development. We use Micro Services approach that is decentralized, fault-tolerant and highly available by nature. It allows automated, rapid scaling and distribution across data centers and geo-locations. On demand Infrastructure means cost savings to the customer.

Addition of external repository with applications

In this video, you can learn how to add your own repository with application to the Certa Scale.

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Import of Virtual Machines

In this video, you will learn how to import your own virtual machine to the Certa Scale.

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